Motivated Seller Leads

Where does Boxleads get its motivated seller leads?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Where do you get your leads from?”

The BoxLeads management team has been actively involved in Real Estate starting in 2005. Since then we have built a large network of lead generating websites which allows us to come in contact with hundreds of homeowners on a daily basis.

We spend thousands of dollars each month to actively market our services to home sellers. Most of these home owners are extremely motivated to sell. These motivated home sellers elect to fill out one of our online seller forms or contact our support center directly with specific information about the home they they wish to sell.

Once the information is received we scrub the information to make sure it is not spam and then send it directly to your email or your cellular phone via text.

You can sign up now for motivated home seller leads in your area at

Motivated Home Leads